Month: February 2017

Updated CCTV Product Range 3MP, 4MP & 8MP!

As part of our new 2017 product range launches we’re pleased to announce a complete overhaul of our entire HD CCTV packages. We have decided to move away from 2MP 1080P systems and for the same price we can now offer 50% more detail captured with our 3MP systems.

We believe this sets us apart from the competition who have only just started using 1080P systems. Not only have we launched the 3MP but our 4MP systems get an overhaul too with the addition of audio recording cameras. These cameras are for internal or external use and provide crystal clear audio recording quality. Finally we are launching our premium 8MP Ultra HD CCTV packages, these cameras offer blistering 4K quality and we are one of only a select few installers offering these cameras as part of our product range. If you’re looking for the absolute best in CCTV quality, look no further! Here’s a quick run down of the new products:

  • 3MP Replaces 2MP 1080P system as standard
  • 4MP Systems gain the free upgrade option of audio recording cameras
  • 8MP Ultra HD CCTV Camera systems launch!