Month: March 2024

Latest Product Updates Q2 2024

Smart & Secure have refreshed our CCTV / Alarm product lines with all the latest technology available from our manufacturer partners:

Latest products include:

• 5MP/3K and 8MP/4K Smart Hybrid ColorVu cameras now available across the entire range! This means you can get full colour night time images when you need them the most. Smart hybrid ColorVu technology enables us to use IR (non-visible) illumination on the camera until human/vehicle activity is detected, at which point the visible white LED lamp illuminates. Check out the CCTV page of the website for all the package and pricing information.

• Alarm system upgrades – We now have all the latest Ajax smart alarm products available, this includes the new superior line products, the touchscreen keypad unit, smart light switches (to replace your existing light switches), smart plugs, mains powered smoke/CO detectors (for building regulations compliance), leak detectors and water shut-off valves. Check out the Smart Alarm page of the website for more information.