Month: October 2019

New Products Q4 2019

New product lines for Q4 2019 are now available including the following:

  • New Acusense smart detection 4MP bullet / dome cameras with advanced false alert filtering. Includes audible siren / message when a person enters an area with a flashing light to deter them.
  • New Darkfighter X PTZ cameras now available with double the definition (up from 2MP to 4MP), including a rain sensing wiper and smart false alert filtering. Now with a huge 250M IR range too and full colour night time viewing. This is one of the best PTZ cameras that money can buy!
  • New updated modern keypad for our Risco Agility 4 smart alarm systems.
  • New outdoor detection range for our Risco Agility 4 smart alarm systems, protecting not only the inside of the house but the perimeter too, these sensors are immune to pets, wildlife, and all the elements! Put simply this is some of the best outdoor detection technology available and at a very reasonable cost per sensor.
  • New 2nd Generation smart doorbells now available, come in a choice of colours with 50% higher resolution from 2MP (like the competitors Nest™ and Ring™) to 3MP, includes a real PIR detector for the most accurate alert system. Much improved WiFi reception on both the 2.4 and 5Ghz bands. And most importantly subscription free viewing and stored footage!
  • New Darkfighter™ 8MP external turret cameras now available and listed on our CCTV packages page. Including some of the best-in-class nightvision you can get. They work in much lower light levels than most cameras, resulting in higher quality images and definition at night.
  • New Acusense DVRs with advanced smart filtering of alerts, these DVRs are now available at an upgraded cost, please ask for details.