New 4MP Hikvision Cameras Now Available

We are now offering the very latest 4MP Hikvision Cameras on our higher end kits, these replace the 3MP 1536P Cameras previously offered and offer many benefits including:

  • Latest H264+ encoding reducing required hard drive space by as much up to 66% and still maintaining the same image quality – Record for much longer on smaller hard drives
  • Improved wide dynamic range and improved night vision recording at very low light levels.
  • Now offering 4MP recording resolution (2688×1520) offering a much larger recording area (width and height) than the previous 3MP cameras.

We will be offering these new cameras at the same price as the outgoing model and the new cameras are fully compatible with any of our currently installed Hikvision 7604/7608 NVR’s. If you would like to upgrade please call us and we can offer an upgrade service and necessary firmware update for your system.